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File Selection Experience

File selection in panel interface is offers the most intuitive uploading experience. All elements are arranged neatly and end user can upload multiple files in multiple input boxes, which can be added or removed when needed. When the built-in validation feature is enabled, an error indicator is shown next to the Select button, making it easy for users to notice on any errors. When hovered, the error message will be shown in the tooltip.

Panel Interface

The attachment bar only offers 1 input box and 1 add file button to provide streamlined and compact uploading experience. End user simply click the add file button to add a file. The container will automatically adjust as user adds or removes the files. End user can also remove the files by clicking the “x” button or select the file and press Delete button in keyboard.

Attachment Bar Interface

File Upload Experience

In panel interface, during a file uploading process, two progress bar will be shown. The first one is a file specific upload progress and the next one is the overall upload progress. An intuitive status indicator is also provided to indicate the current upload status. End user can perform various actions during the uploading process, for example: aborting the current upload, canceling the pending upload, or canceling all uploads.

File Upload Experience

In attachment bar interface, a nice indicative icon will be displayed next to each added files, indicating its status, successful or failed upload, in progress upload, and pending upload. Simply hover to a file to view the complete information in tooltip. End user can cancel a pending upload file by clicking on the X or simply hit the Cancel all button to cancel all uploads.

File Upload Experience

Upload Complete Experience

When the uploading process has finished, WebFileUploader will display an icon on each file to indicate the upload status. The upload summary will also show, replacing the overall upload status bar. End user can restart the upload session via the Start Over button.

Upload Complete Experience

In attachment bar interface, an upload summary will be shown in the caption bar noticing on total files uploaded, total successful uploads, and total failed uploads.

Upload Complete Experience

Real-time progress bar

Intersoft WebFileUploader revolutionizes uploading experience with innovative, real-time progress bar feature. With this feature, user can now see the current uploading progress directly within the file upload interface, making file uploading more engaging and intuitive. Furthermore, WebFileUploader also provides more sophisticated progress information such as uploaded size and estimated completion time.

Upload Complete Experience

Built-in file saving

Unlike standard ASP.NET file upload, WebFileUploader doesn’t require you to write codes to save uploaded files. Just set the UploadPath property of the WebFileUploader control and you’re all set.

WebFileUploader automatically saves all uploaded files to the specified upload path. Make sure you have configured sufficient security and permission settings for ASP.NET worker process to access the specified upload path.

You can enter physical path, IIS virtual path, or network path for the upload location. The default upload path is ~/Upload.

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