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Instant physical database update

Instant physical database update

This is the most fundamental and crucial feature in SmartBatchUpdate as it involves saving your pending changes rows into the physical database. By default, WebGrid will automatically save all submitted pending changes to the intermediate data source which holds the objects during the binding process. This automatic updating also supports nested hierarchical tables linked through referral integrity.

In addition to the automatic update processing, SmartBatchUpdate also introduces BatchUpdate server-side event. When bound to non-datasource control, such as: ADO.NET data set and data table, you can write your own code to handle the update process. OnBatchUpdate server side event provides BatchUpdateEventArgs in the event argument, which is useful for developers who would like to customize the physical updating process, such as in the case of custom object binding.

What about hierarchical traditional binding? Similar to the traditional binding, you’re required to handle the OnBatchUpdate server-side event manually.

SmartBatchUpdate also offers the partial error handling feature. Partial error is the state when there are some erroneous rows in all submitted pending changes. The idea of this feature is to return all error rows only, instead of returning all rows and user has to redo all changes again. This saves user from editing nightmare especially under certain situations when user has made hundreds of changes and there are some errors in it.

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