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Innovative pending changes technology

Innovative pending changes technology

Pending changes is a state in which a row is edited, but not persisted in the physical storage yet. A record row can contain only one pending change at a time, which is one of four modes below:

  • Unmodified. When a change is undo’ed, the record will be set back to Unmodified.
  • Added. Newly added row will be marked as Added pending change.
  • Modified. Edited row will be marked as Modified pending change.
  • Deleted. Deleted row will be marked as Deleted pending change.

Each row’s pending changes is stored on its corresponding table which enables pending changes to be consumed in multiple tables (hierarchical) configuration. For more information about batch update support for Hierarchical feature, please read Hierarchical Tables Support.

On top of all, Intersoft’s pending changes mechanism is automatically stored and persisted during any flypostback actions, such as: grouping, sorting, filtering, and many more. This provide user with greater experience to interact with data while at the same time maintaining the current changes simultaneously.

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