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Breakthrough VirtualRendering™ technology

Breakthrough VirtualRendering™ technology

VirtualRendering™ is Intersoft’s state-of-the-art client rendering framework which enables WebGrid to render data rows efficiently, while at the same time delivering identical user interface as in server-side rendering.

The uniqueness of Intersoft’s rendering technology lies in its ability to perform rendering with very minimum overhead. This is made possible with sophisticated state management that automatically synchronizes its current state as user interacts with the Grid. The row is rendered based on “delta algorithm” to produce high rendering quality in superior performance.

One of the outstanding achievements of VirtualRendering™ is its small size of the client scripts required to activate the client binding feature. Unlike traditional approaches which can take almost half a megabyte, WebGrid 7 adds only as little as 60KB for data binding processing, data shaping and rendering.

The main benefit of client binding compared to the traditional server-side binding is the smaller data footprint. When operating in client-binding mode, WebGrid returns raw data in JSON format which is much more compact than the traditional HTML markup. In various tested scenarios, WebGrid has been proven to reduce data footprint consistently by over 90%.

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