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Hybrid Data Presentation with built-in 5 Views

High performance VirtualScroll™ technology

All built-in views in Intersoft Presenter™ are powered with Virtual Scrolling™, a technology that enables each view to display large dataset without performance hit. As a result, end user can enjoy smooth and consistent scrolling behavior regardless of the total number of objects and the rendering complexity.

Ultra fast data loading and fetching with IconPresenter

Presenter is optimized for extremely heavy data usage with its data presenter manager concept. All data is fetched and aggregated in one centralized data source and distributed when requested – enabling Presenter to perform data operations quickly and efficiently, without bloating up resources consumption.

Client-side and Server-side operations

Designed as an enterprise-ready data visualization component, Presenter offers the flexibility to choose the best data operation mode according to the usage and scenarios. Choose client-side operation to load all data to client-side which eliminates client-server roundtrip. When you’re dealing with larger data, choose server-side operation for best performance as it loads smaller chunk of data when requested by the presenter.

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