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Data grouping

Data grouping

Grouping operation in Presenter can be done elegantly through the action box in each column. Simply click on the column’s right header to open the action box and select the group button. Group rearrangement is also possible by simply moving the grouped columns, while sorting can be done by clicking on the grouped column’s header inside the action box. You can also define the initial group state and customize the group interval to deliver more logical grouping options for users.

Data sorting

Simply click on each column header to perform sorting. Available in three sorting mode, ascending, descending, and none, Presenter enables users to perform multiple sorting in multiple direction at the same time. It’s also enhanced to support column sorting while the column is grouped at the same time.

Data Sorting

Data filtering

Sharing the same user interface concept as grouping and sorting, data filtering action is also accessible through the action box. By default, all values of the selected column will be displayed. Just check or uncheck the checkbox to filter it. Custom filtering options are also offered to provide more elegant filtering mechanism for number data type. For example, you can create a range of numbers options such as 0-10, 21-30, 31-40, and so on.

Data filtering

Data paging

Presenter supports two modes of data paging, client-side and server-side paging. Client-side paging fetches all data on first load and thus suitable for smaller data size, while server-side paging connects to data source control and retrieves only a small chunk of data required by current view – makes it a perfect choice for real-world, fast-growing data.

Data Paging
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