Intersoft Presenter for Silverlight

Intersoft Presenter for Silverlight

Revolutionary hybrid presenters. Myriads of possibilities.

Revolutionary hybrid presenters, Myriads of possibilities

Show your data in a whole new light with Presenter and Silverlight. Choose from the traditional tabular grid, stylish icon mode, and stunning graphical view - or create your own custom look. View Presenter Key Features

A new version of WebAqua, Presenter, and DataSource are now available and released as part of the ClientUI® family. Revamped with cutting-edge support for Silverlight 5 and WPF technology, and power-packed with dozens of new innovative features such as MVVM pattern support, full standards-compliance usability, commanding and more – you can rapidly create compelling business solutions that runs on the web and desktop.
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A Superior Data Browsing Experience

Combining a uniquely configurable view with a sleek and powerful UI, Presenter brings unprecedented beauty and performance to your Silverlight-based business applications. Learn more

A superior data browsing experience.

Hassle-Free Data Connectivity

Powered by Intersoft DataSource for Silverlight, Presenter takes the pain out of data connectivity. With declarative databinding, you'll be amazed at how easily you can connect to any data source, from ADO.NET data services and WCF services to XML. Learn more

Dazzling Performance

Give your users the power to scroll through data so smoothly they won't believe they're using a browser. With innovative VirtualScroll™ technology, Presenter makes scrolling smooth and precise - whether you're scrolling through a few rows, or a few million. The fully configurable client/server data processing capability lets you say goodbye to performance bottlenecks forever. Learn more

Hassle-Free data connectivity.
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Easy Editing

Presenter even includes a convenient editing feature, allowing your users to easily add, edit, or delete their data.

Supercharge your Silverlight application with full editing capabilities without writing a single line of code. With comprehensive API, Presenter also gives you the flexibility to code, so you can add your own custom validations to ensure accurate and error-free data entry. Learn more

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