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Messenger® style Popup Notification

Add some “pop” to your web application with a unique pop-up notification. Push important information from servers to users and instantly notify them of critical issues. Don’t let users miss important updates – with the WebNotification component you can build a stylish popup notification control in a flash.

Powered by reliable OnTheFlyPostBack® technology, WebNotification performs asynchronous communication with server-side code to obtain notification data. This approach provides real time responsiveness with no noticeable client-server roundtrip. Better still, it requires no coding – just specify the data retrieval method and WebNotification does all the work.

Select one of the elegant predefined styles, such as Vista, Outlook 2003, and Microsoft Live Messenger, or use the integrated designer to create your own. Choose between two animation effects, and even announce notifications with a custom audio file.

Rich runtime mode

Rich runtime mode

WebNotification is not only informative, it’s truly interactive – you can specify an action to be taken when a notification is clicked, and even add a customized contextual menu and let your users choose between multiple actions.

WebNotification also makes your job easier by allowing custom properties to be passed along with the notification. Using an easily serialized Dictionary type, this feature makes it simple to incorporate client-side code into a notification process.

Choose either of two methods for client-server communication. The default WebForm service type is ideal for private data providers. Use WebService when methods need to be exposed for other uses.

Designed to be developer-friendly, client-server communication in WebNotification is built on a strongly-typed object model. At its core is the WebNotificationEvent object, which provides complete access to all WebNotification properties and methods.

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