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Microsoft Outlook® 2007-Style Layout Manager

How often does a supposedly responsive and sophisticated web application turn out to be sluggish, disorganized, and user-unfriendly? Be certain that yours isn’t one of them with WebPaneManager, the professional layout component from Intersoft. WebPaneManager can help you bring order to clutter, efficiently use every pixel of the screen effectively, and ensure a truly user-friendly experience and professional presentation.

Give your web applications a flexible and consistent structure, complete with automatic resizing, in no time. A few clicks is all it takes to create a complete Outlook 2007 or Office 2007 style panel system.

Pane Manager Layout Manager

Most applications in need of a panel system are already complex enough – the last thing a developer needs is the additional challenge of migrating individual sections into yet another complex framework. Relax – the integrated real time editor makes it a breeze to reorganize even the largest application. Easily create sub panes, split a group or child pane, or add another child pane. Simply grab your mouse and start designing. Customizing and configuring WebPaneManager couldn’t be easier – Component Designer 2 gives you quick and convenient access to the full range of WebPaneManager’s properties, and allows virtually every visible element to be fully customized.

WebPaneManager includes an intelligent pane resizing capability, which features automatic content adjustment. The contents of panes will be resized not only when browser window size changes, but also when a single pane is resized. Panes can also be collapsed and expanded with a single click, allowing your users total control over their work space.

Give your users the ability to save and restore their layouts. Pane layouts can be saved and loaded programmatically, making it easy for your program to remember and restore preferences, or to allow users to switch between favorite layouts.

Built on WebUI Framework 3, WebPaneManager can be seamlessly integrated with other members of the WebUI Studio family, such as WebDesktop and WebGrid. When integrated into WebDesktopManager, WebPaneManager can use its own style, or save development time by inheriting its style from WebDesktopManager.

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