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Enhanced UI and UX in WebGrid Enterprise 7

The era of slow and boring data presentation is over. The sleek and swift interactive WebGrid Enterprise 7 is here, adding compelling dynamics to your corporate data. Combining new minimalist visual themes, interactive UI elements, and high performance, WebGrid Enterprise is your best choice for robust data presentation. Watch Guided Tour

Enhanced UI and UX in WebGrid Enterprise 7
Windows 7, Bold Black, Metal Silver Default Style

The visually appealing Windows 7-style graces the library collection along with new Glassy Black and Metallic Silver. Sporting a minimalist look, these new themes keep your applications in the latest fashion. Skinned from head to toe, the new themes completely transform every WebGrid element with one property setting.

Another improvement is the integration of Custom Editor Pack 3. The bundle includes a Windows 7-style calendar and Intersoft’s text editing masterpiece, WebTextEditor. The Windows 7-style calendar perfectly replicates the real Microsoft Windows 7® calendar in every detail and behavior. It lets user easily jump from today’s date to next month or next year in fewer clicks.

And the WebTextEditor integration takes data editing to the next level with a hyper-accurate spell checker and powerful file uploader – complex text editing in WebGrid simple and straight forward, yet fully featured.

Custom Editor Pack 3 (WebTextEditor and Windows 7-style drop-down calendar)
Comprehensive XHTML Support

WebGrid Enterprise 7’s XHTML support provides pixel-perfect rendering for all major browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Opera 9.5+, and Apple Safari 4+. Build highly scalable, Web-based applications with cross-browser support without worry.

Contextual menu offer one-click access to commonly used features like grouping, sorting, and filtering. But WebGrid Enterprise 7 provides so much more. Maximize your applications’ contextual menus with a multitude of custom options, including advanced options such as an integrated Google-map viewer.

Customizable Context Menu

In order to support a wider range of business scenarios, we’ve added new sets of client-side events and APIs to provide an extreme amount of freedom to code custom logic, and embed it directly inside WebGrid with ease.

Download the 30-day trial copy now to enjoy the unimaginable power of WebGrid Enterprise 7 today.

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