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Advanced Hierarchical Datasource

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 debuted nearly codeless automatic databinding and we leap on this remarkable achievement to reconfigure our entire data binding component lineup to leverage this breakthrough to enhance your design time productivity.

The result was the enhanced WebGrid Enterprise and WebCombo controls, among others. However, with continued research, Intersoft realized it is almost impossible to perform hierarchical data retrieval using native .NET data source controls. To circumvent this limitation, and several others, we developed a new data source control we call Intersoft DataSource control (ISDataSource).

While ISDataSource supports hierarchical data binding for Intersoft data-bound components, we didn’t stop there. Here are more innovative features of ISDataSource:

  • Supports multi table views in design time
  • Supports hierarchical and relational data binding
  • Connects to DataSet and CustomObject in design time
  • Manage configurations efficiently
  • Provides more configuration wizards
  • Offers one-click table generation
  • Improves caching process
  • Integrates with all Intersoft data-bound controls
Intersoft ISDataSource Architecture
Intersoft ISDataSource Architecture

Use ISDataSource to describe the data structure of your Business Logic Layer or Data Layer itself. Each ISDataSourceTable plays a part in determining how data operations are handled, in the same way ObjectDataSource handles data operations requests.

Multiple Tables, One Datasource Control

Easily avoid the nightmare of data binding and configuring multiple data tables. ISDataSource steps you through configuring all your tables simultaneously in an easy-to-use wizard, so application maintenance becomes a dream.

Easily Create Custom Objects

ISDataSource defies the rules to save you time and effort. Now you can create one object that aggregates several data field values, to simplify updating, inserting, and deleting. Just set the DataObjectTypeName property to contain a default constructor without any parameters and be sure to give identical names to the DataObjectTypeName properties and the data-bound control parameters that will pass through. Name the object type “DataObject.MyData” and you’ll now have a BusinessObject to manage ISDataSource data binding controls.

Define Data Methods

Create, update, edit , and delete in a few key clicks. Set the appropriate method name and any associated parameters in ISDataSource and you’re done. The Define Data Methods wizard walks you through the process in a matter of seconds.

Deep integration to Visual Studio 2005/2008 IDE

integrated into Visual Studio 2005/2008

Deeply integrated into Visual Studio 2005/2008, the deceptively simple ISDataSource features intuitive set-up wizards, drag-and-drop data binding, and Smart Tag configuration. Leverage the power of Component Designer 2 for advanced customization as well.

Download the 30-day full trial today, and slash your development time in half while increase your productivity at the same time.

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