MVVM-ready Scheduling Controls for Silverlight & WPF

Built from the ground up, UXScheduleView is the industry's first MVVM-ready scheduling control that combines powerful architecture and amazing user experiences. With its rich feature sets, UXScheduleView lets you instantly add interactive and rich scheduling capabilities to your Silverlight and WPF applications. And enjoy great features such as comprehensive recurring event support, integrated navigation, multi-level grouping, user-friendly editing form, and interactive drag-drop support.

UXScheduleView delivers unparalleled performance and uncompromised reliability – thanks to the smart data processing and sophisticated rendering architecture. It lets you bind relatively large datasets with full support for both display and editing mode.

Gorgeous Ribbon Controls for Silverlight, WPF & ASP.NET

Elevate your business applications to a whole new level with the luxurious, Office 2010-style Ribbon user interface controls. No matter which platforms you are building on – Silverlight, WPF, or ASP.NET – you can always find Intersoft Ribbon control right in your Visual Studio toolbox. And better yet, these Ribbon controls share common API and features such as sophisticated adaptive layout, smooth fluent resizing, rich button controls, and visually appealing contextual tabs.

Intersoft Ribbon sets a new groundbreaking standard on the fluent user interface metaphor – thanks to the modern API and design implementation that conforms to the latest Office ribbon specifications. It has all the wonderful features your users demanded – from dozens of button variants, quick access toolbar, and application menu to backstage view and state-of-the-art gallery.

Fluent UX

UXRibbon is the industry's first Silverlight & WPF ribbon bar control that delivers sophisticated fluid resizing capability without trading-off performance, and provides smooth user experiences identical to Office 2010's ribbon. Enrich your bussiness application with gorgeous ribbon controls by arranging application commands into a collection of tabs and groups.

Fluent UX

Magnificent Design

Rich Controls

Cross Platforms

Powerful SQL Report Viewer for Silverlight & WPF

Wish you can display SSRS reports seamlessly in your Silverlight or WPF applications? Now you can – thanks to the powerful SQL Report Viewer control available in this new WebUI Studio release. Beyond simple report viewing, this all-new report viewer control lets you interact with the available reports at runtime. Click on a sales region to drill down the sales reports by that region, click back to navigate backward, or click an anchor to navigate to a predefined bookmark.

In addition to the impressive WYSIWYG rendering, the SQL Report Viewer control also includes many time-saving features that can be enabled with simple property sets such as data exporting and printing. The control supports exporting to popular data format like Excel, PDF and HTML – enabling users to process the information in their favorite spreadsheet application. And better yet, the control supports both Silverlight and WPF platforms so you don't have to make a choice.

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Advanced Flow Document Controls for Silverlight & WPF

The new WebUI Studio delivers literally Silverlight version 8 – bringing much previously impossible functionality to the current Silverlight release, such as flow document framework and reader-friendly controls. Intorducing the new flow document control lineups, you can now add rich document capability to your Silverlight application – and of course, WPF application as well.

With the advanced flow documents, you can add a host of new functionality to your applications – display corporate documents and letters with rich formatting, show HTML email messages, or even create your own news reader. That's all made possible thanks to the comprehensive flow document framework which includes full table support, paragraphs, anchors, bullets, inline and block containers, and much more.

Comprehensive Framework

UXFlowDocumentViewer is a rich, cross-platform flow document viewer with unified API that enables content viewing with rich styles and formatting. The Flow Document Framework includes implementation of FlowDocument to support a wide range of document creation and layout in the Silverlight and WPF applications.

Comprehensive Framework

Interactive Viewing

Printer Friendly

Stunning User Interface Controls for Silverlight & WPF

Facelift your business apps with modern, beautiful user interface controls available in the new WebUI Studio. Amaze end users with the translucent window that leverages Windows 7 Aero-style visual glass effect. And together with the gorgeous ribbon controls, get ready to take your apps to a whole new level leaving your competitors a few milestones behind.

Also new in this release is a fluid content control that smartly adapts to the content in a smooth animation. The control automatically detects the size changes every time the content changes, so say goodbye to manual storyboard creation or rigid visual state definition.

Fluid Container

UXRibbon is the industry's first Silverlight & WPF ribbon bar control that delivers sophisticated fluid resizing capability without trading-off performance, and provides smooth user experiences identical to Office 2010's ribbon. Enrich your bussiness application with gorgeous ribbon controls by arranging application commands into a collection of tabs and groups.

Fluid Container

Aero Glass Window

Ribbon Window

Innovative Data-aware Input Controls for Silverlight & WPF

Redesigned with data-aware architecture, the new release now ships with input controls that natively integrate to the QueryDescriptor component model which makes it even easier and robust for MVVM pattern implementation. Among the redesigned data-aware controls are data combo box and data search box.

And meet the new Data Lookup – the newest addition to the data-aware controls lineup – replace the tedious, redundant lookup forms with intuitive, space-efficient lookup callout. This translates to one thing for sure: your business apps would never be the same again.

Data Lookup Box

Instead of showing lookup form in a dialog box, the Data Lookup control wraps the lookup controls and the results in an intuitive, visually-appealing callout user interface.

Data Lookup Box

Data Combo Box

Data Search Box

Fine-tuned WebGrid Enterprise for ASP.NET

The industry's most advanced data grid for ASP.NET just got better with improved security and revamped architecture. The new release of WebGrid is strongly focused on the internals, although minor tweaks were made to the user interface.

The new JSON data transfer format is introduced in this new release which helps preventing XSS attack and significantly reduces data footprint compared to the XML format. Furthermore, ActiveX has been completely eliminated and no longer a dependency in WebGrid Enterprise.

Amazing Time–saving Project Templates

Jumps start your next generation business applications in minutes with the new predefined project templates available in this release. Designed by Intersoft's professional artists, the new templates come with beautifully crafted layout and styles so that you can quickly add functionality specific to your business requirements.

Built with the best user experience guidelines, each template is uniquely tailored to address different business scenarios. Predefined content, framework infrastructure and sample data are provided to help you quickly getting started and minimizes learning curves.

Scheduling Application

Create rich and interactive scheduling applications in minutes with the predefined Scheduling project template. This template contains six different variants, including the template in C# and VB languages. A different version of template that uses DevForce is also provided, which are available in both Silverlight and WPF platforms.

Scheduling Application

Ribbon Application

Download WebUI Studio 2011 R2 Today

With a multitude of new amazing controls across all .NET development platforms, WebUI Studio 2011 R2 is easily the most comprehensive .NET toolkit available in the market today. Download your free copy of 30-day fully functional trial and experience the new WebUI Studio for yourself.

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